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Benefits Of Compression Gloves

Benefits Of Compression Gloves

Compression Gloves

Arthritis gloves are compression fitting which can increase circulation throughout your hands allowing better blood flow. This provides warmth and helps decrease swelling. The firmness of the gloves varies slightly from light compression to a more fitted compression. The gloves vary in length from stopping at the beginning of your fingers to covering the hands and fingers completely. We have found that many users prefer fingerless gloves which can either leave the fingertips open or stop right below the second bend.

Arthritis affecting the hands, wrists, or fingers can be at times debilitating, but we believe you shouldn’t have to give up activities you love or be limited in what you can do.

They can also help those with arthritis to improve their grip, and move their fingers more easily. In order to truly benefit from wearing compression gloves, they need to be worn for several hours at a time.